October 27, 1956 ~ August 5, 2020

Susan Arlene Bearchell was born on October 27, 1956 in Edmonton, Alberta to Madeline Julia Bearchell “Julie” and Walter Benjamin Bearchell “Bennie”. Susan was the middle child of 5, Christine, David, Ruth, and Mathew.

Susan was a strong, fierce and God fearing woman, who always kept family at the forefront of her life. Mature at a young age, Susan had taken on the duties of helping out at home, taking care of her younger siblings, and even, later on, taking care of her own mom, during the course of a 14 year battle with cancer. A struggle they were able to overcome together.

Though she eventually lost her own mother, she went on to be a beautiful single mother herself, raising an incredible daughter, Nola Bearchell, and her 3 young grandchildren, twins, Chloie and Jessie Bearchell, and their younger sister, Vanessa Bearchell. She also helped in the upbringing of her 5 other grandchildren.

Through the many trials, tribulations, and hardships, life threw their way, Susan always made their house a home for her family, and for others. She was an open, loving, kind, and thoughtful woman, who always put others before herself. She was giving of all that she had– whether it be money, food, her home, her time, or her heart. Susan shaped her life around her loyalty to Christ and dedication to following in Jesus’ footsteps. In addition to being a mother and grandmother, she’d also become an at home minister, who pastored and befriended the struggling, the addicted, the poor and the hurting. She found a way to bring light, love and guidance to many, through her passion for God, and her love and kindness for others.

Always a visionary, she spent her time teaching, writing, drawing and painting; making music and art, and designing in some form or another. She filled her home with an abundance of love, worship, laughter, and fun.

Susan Bearchell had big dreams and an even bigger heart. She inspired many, loved deeply, and was loved wholeheartedly. She will be missed dearly.

She is survived by her daughter, Nola Bearchell; her 8 grandchildren, Chloie, Jessie, Vanessa, Justin, Melody, Adam, Sasha, and Cloud; her sister, Ruth Dato; her brother, David Bearchell; her nephews, Neil, Gary and Mathew; nieces, Sara, and Christine; as well as numerous extended family and friends.